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HomeIndustry Information Is your pillow soft and hard?

Is your pillow soft and hard?


Is your pillow soft and hard?

The hardness of the PILLOW is a major factor affecting sleep and physical health. So, how to judge whether the hardness of your pillow is suitable? I will introduce you below.

Puffy eyes - the pillow is too soft

If your pillow is too soft, your head will be deeply immersed in it, blood flow will be too concentrated, blood vessel wall pressure will increase, facial muscles will be stressed, and your eyes will be swollen in the morning, and you will feel a slight headache. At this time, in addition to considering a pillow for a firm point, you can also pat the cheekbones on both sides to reduce swelling.

Drooling - the pillow is too hard

A stiff pillow will cause compression of the carotid artery and poor blood circulation, which in turn will cause hypoxia and microcirculation local disorders. The direct response to hypoxia is an increase in salivary secretion and a long habitual opening of mouth breathing. If you find a wet piece of your pillow, you should consider changing a softer pillow.

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